Our Story

While fishing at a local sand bar in the Florida Keys I met Declan. He taught me a thing or two, about a thing or two, and while we discussed world events, fortune 500 companies, and fishing strategies, he taught me more about dreams, and appreciation of the moment that I shared with him about fishing. We caught a seven foot Lemon Shark, released it and, of all my travels, Declan is one person I’ll never forget. Deck, beat me at a game of chess later that day, and is forever a member of the Jimbobwei Tribe.


Our Mission

Our mission is to live fearlessly and provide, second to none outdoor gear. To teach, learn and grow, while being good stewards of our waterways and every living thing within.  To promote better standards, sustainability, and accountability in all rivers, lakes and streams that all find their way to mother ocean. Whether you’re sailing, fishing or simply enjoy sitting on the beach, you are part of the Jimbobwei tribe and we thank you for your support.

About Jimbobwei

Living fearless “The Jimbobwei Way”.  Living each day as if it were your last is more than a simple slogan. We strive to be in the moment, to give more than we take, and to never look back. There’s magic in all of us.

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 Feel confident that any time you choose to make a purchase with us  you are part the protection, sustainability, and preservation of all waterways , and  inhabitants from sea to shining sea. A part of all proceeds will be given to one of our three ecological, environmental foundations that you choose.


Sailing solo across the gulf stream from Nassau to Norfolk.


One of the fastest growing fish in the ocean is the Mahi. Also known as Dorado, and Dolphin. Mahi are one of the most colorful fish with colors ranging from bright oranges,and yellows to deep saphire blue, and they will definitly add color to your soul when you catch one.

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